Has anyone ever played/heard of the Wikipedia game?

Answer I yet do not know games that come integrated from Wikipedia, it wants to say, I have not seen an application of this service web. Nevertheless, I would like to handle the new video games online tha... Read More »

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Has anyone ever heard of the game show The Buzz?

I have not heard that show but I think there is a video game show type thing that is called Buzz

Has anyone ever actually quit smoking I do not know of anyone who.....?

Quitting smoking is extremely difficult. The withdrawl makes us not want to, but we know the risks and we know that they are not worth it. For anyone who wants to end their nicotine addiction, chec... Read More »

Ever use

Several times a day. I'm also a contributor.

Any body ever got blocked on Wikipedia?

I've blocked quite a few people, but never been blocked on any wiki but Citizendium, they were a little quick on the trigger at first. If you're ready to come back and edit responsibly you can just... Read More »