Has anyone ever heard of using super glue instead of getting stiches?

Answer Yes medical grade super glue. My hubby who is insulin dependant had a very nasty cut on his big toe, and the hospital used super glue on his toe, rather than stitches 1. Because he is a diabetic.2.... Read More »

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Has anyone ever heard of using human urine in compost!?

Yes I have heard about it, This practice is big in the UK, here is a link,…read through it there is a lot of infoNo I don't do that, I think that some peo... Read More »

How do glue a fake lip stud on without using super glue?

You can buy fake percing glue but u can only buy that at a body piercing shop

Anyone heard of the ideal of a "Garden Party" instead of a house warming?

sounds great...I'll tend to your garden and munch on everything you want me to....oops, did I say "munch"?, I meant mulch....yes mulch around your flower

Anyone heard of IP6 Does anyone know the long term side effects of using this supplement.?

IP-6 does have some Iron-binding properties, but Iron and IP-6 shouldn't be taken at the same time to start with as IP-6 should be taken on an empty stomach while Iron should be taken with food. If... Read More »