Has anyone ever heard of "no more cold sore"?

Answer The most I have heard about it is a slogan from med company promoting their products.

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Any one ever heard of taking a zinc supplement for the common cold?

yes zinc can help overcome a cold, but it's not the only thing you will need. Zinc helps stop the production of bacteria that spreads during a cold. What you also need is more vitamin A, C, B-co... Read More »

Anyone ever heard of Google?

There are IQ-dropping chemicals in the water supply. That's the only think I can think of that would cause the kind of idiocy on this site that you quite correctly point out.

Has anyone ever heard of

Heads up, someone named jommes1 just asked me the same thing. "do you think you can add this to crimit . com so we can chat real quick"I told him no, as that seemed strange, but now I'll just ignor... Read More »

Has anyone ever heard of the country lebanon?