Has anyone ever had sex in a leg cast How does that work?

Answer Yup, and here's the kicker - right when my boyfriend got HIS cast off, I ripped all the ligaments in my right knee, and then *I* had a full leg cast on! But, just so you know, it didn't slow us dow... Read More »

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Has anyone ever used airborne before and does it work?

It's a good immune system booster. If you want to kill flu and cold, use otc Zicam Cold Remedy. You need to start taking it with first symptoms., which means you need to have some at home so you c... Read More »

I have a Samsung p2 and when ever you plug in the headphones you get no sound i have used headphones that i know work does anyone know how to fix it?

Has anyone HERE ever done the Liver Cleanse & Does it really work?

I did the liver cleanse 5 times in 4 years. I have a very "lazy" gallbladder. I used to have migraines every other day, or one week in a row, tinnitus, and not to mention I was scheduled for surge... Read More »

Does anyone that adopted a kid ever wish they'd stayed childfree?

I have never wished that I would have stayed childfree. My son is my world. I would do anything for him. Now there ARE those *moments* that every mom has that makes you ask yourself "why in the ... Read More »