Has anyone ever had Pistachio Mafruka?

Answer No, I have never had Pistachio Mafruka, but the recipe certainly looks delicious. Sorry this answer is so late.

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Is a pistachio a tree nut?

Pistachios are generally known as nuts that grow in clusters on pistachio trees (Pistacia vera). However, pistachios are actually a drupe (type of fruit) whose seed is edible and is known as the pi... Read More »

How to Grow Pistachio Trees?

The pistachio tree (Pistacia vera L) is native to western Asia and has been cultivated as a food crop since 7000 B.C. The tree thrives in areas with long, hot summers and has subsequently developed... Read More »

Do pistachio nuts have a worm in them?

Pistachio nuts are susceptible to infestation by the navel orangeworm. Harvested pistachio nuts available in the fall, and any nuts left on the soil surface, are most likely to acquire the orangewo... Read More »

Can i eat eat pistachio nuts while pregnant?