Has anyone ever got up in the middle of the night?

Answer my m8 shitted in her handba on a night out once it woz well funny she woz so pissed and in the woz even funnier

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Have you ever been awaken in the middle of the night by your VCR blinking 12:00 at you?

I havent but it bothers my mom so much that she has had 20 layers of masking tape, taped over her VCR clock for years now.

Does anyone else like Cold Fried Chicken in the middle of the night?

Just like pizza, I actually like fried chicken better when it's cold. My husband thinks that disgusting, but who asked him anyway?

Does anyone know how much GAC raised last night for Flood Victims of Middle Tennessee 5/17/10?

WWYZ 92.5Excellent Job by everyone involved. More than 2 million donatedChamps-cCountry-aCV-dance hall girlGames-redSleuth-soundLegendary-cPart Deux-aHistory-bAol-golConsmer-hoodHSW-titanHSW2-pladi... Read More »

My home telephone makes a 'ding' noise in the middle of the night - does anyone know what causes this?

All lines are auto tested every night, some respond with a ping that is audible,. If you ring BT they will give you a free filter to put in your phone link that will stop the ping being heard in yo... Read More »