Has anyone ever got a virus from limewire?

Answer you just have to know what you're downloadingpretty much never download ANY .exe file, and GENERALLY you should be okayif you're just downloading image, movie, music files (mp3, avi, png, etc) you ... Read More »

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Limewire virus?

Not only do you run the risk of a virus useing P2P, butIf you enjoy file sharing programs, LimeWire isn't a bad idea. If, however, you don't want other individuals to have access to your files, Lim... Read More »

Will Limewire give me a virus?

Sooner or later, absolutely 100%.EDIT: You're getting files THROUGH Limewire, not from them. You have absolutely no idea where they are coming from. Not to mention, people have been fined millions ... Read More »

Can you get a virus if you download Limewire?

whats a download?? you can get a virus from limes?? like a cold or the flu?? Your confusing me. This is 1991 and we have to be careful. Hi my name is zack morris and im the king at bayside. You ... Read More »

Does limewire give or have virus?

Limewire does not contain viruses. You are not downloading from limewire you are downloading from other peoples computers. Those people might have viruses in their files and then transfered to you ... Read More »