Has anyone ever eaten at dairy queen if so, how was the food and what did you get?

Answer As far as food taste, depends on WHERE the DQ is located. For example, DQ's in Texas are very VERY different from DQ's on the east coast. I grew up in a small Texas town where DQ was our only fas... Read More »

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What is the strangest food you have ever eaten?

shirako from fugu (ie. puffer fish sperm)

What is the werirdest food you have ever eaten?

Something called "sea cucumber" in a Chinese stir-fry (silly me, I thought it might be some kind of sea vegetable or seaweed).I later discovered it was a type of worm called "Medusa worm" that live... Read More »

What is the worst food you have ever eaten?

Beets,okra,corn hominy,pig & frog feet,egg plant,gizzers,rabbit,deer.I know you said food and not foods but, i couldn't decised which of theses i wanted to post so i just went on my own little roll... Read More »

What was the weirdest food that you've ever eaten?

I had a dish in Peru that is very popular there. It is called cuy. Here in the USA, we call it Guinea Pig.I didn't want to offend the host, especially since this seemed to be their idea of the be... Read More »