How to Give a Wedgie?

Answer The wedgie - a fun joke or a mean prank. Whichever it is, it can always make someone crack a smile--not the victim though.

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How to Give a Double Wedgie?

Wedgies are just a simple, funny prank to do. Now you can learn to double the fun with the Double Wedgie!

How do I get off a hook wedgie without ripping?

How to Remove a Wedgie Discreetly?

Everyone has at one time or another felt the pain and discomfort that a wedgie can cause. They can occur because of mischievous trick or a result of underwear slide. Whatever caused it, a wedgie ca... Read More »

How affective are Auralex WEDGIE studio panels?

Those panels are designed to reduce echos within your room - they are not designed to soundproof the room. Soundproofing a room is very expensive and tricky. You need to add serious MASS to the w... Read More »