Has anyone ever completly smashed their computer apart in a fit of anger?

Answer Not with my own machine because if I have a problem with that doesn't solve by re-booting thenI just simply reload windows.I save all my files on an external hard drive and save all my set up files... Read More »

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How do i completly erase the hard drive on my computer?

I don't know your level of experience with computers, I will try to be as accurate as possible in the steps to take. These are instructions for installation Windows XP which will also involve erasi... Read More »

How to Repair a Smashed Computer Monitor?

A smashed computer monitor requires you to crack open the case of the monitor and replace the LCD screen that powers your monitor. You will also need to check the inverter cable in relation to the ... Read More »

My computer screen has all sorts of crazy colors on it because I got angry and smashed it. Can it be fixed?

I feel your pain ,I myself get angry that take my anger on anyone and anything within 25 feet ,but that's not going to fix your monitor you'll have to go and purchase a whole new one.

How to Get Rid of Anger Without Anger Management Classes?

Have You ever been so mad you wanted to kill that person? Have you been mad enough to start boxing a pillow? If you have done any of these related things then here are some ways to control that ang... Read More »