Has anyone ever been woken from their sleep with a feeling they cant move?

Answer You sound like you have the same thing as me and many others, sleep paralysis. Have a look at these.…… http://w... Read More »

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If I felt a tingling feeling in my head when I was woken up from sleep like I feel when I try to move my leg?

I have just woken up from a 10 hour sleep I'm not a diabetic but my blood sugars are 6.3 mmol?

You don't have diabetes because 6.3 is within the normal range for someone without diabetes!

Feeling Trapped In My Sleep?

I have this alot! Its so terrifying! Fron what research I've done, it seems to be a fairly common sleep disorder. My only advice is to try and remain calm (which I know can be difficult) and go ba... Read More »

Why do I get an uncomfortable feeling when I sleep on my side.?

maybe your muscles are just too tight.stand legs shoulder width apart, or a litte further apart.try stretching your torso to the top-left-corner of the room, like a side stretch, but dontt lean ove... Read More »