Has anyone ever been to uncle will's pancake house?

Answer Alyssa, I haven't been there. But you'd probably get some expert answers ifyou re-asked this in cooking and recipes (under the food and drink category)-

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Has anyone ever seen Goodbye uncle Tom?

Has anyone ever had their house repossessed and had to move into a council house?

honey , i know how you are feeling my dad has left my mum pennyless, and we got the same problem . but my dad is dead. and now we are at treat of losing our big& lovely home . so i may have to get ... Read More »

Has anyone ever been on tv?

Yes me and my girlfriend were on the TV set....Err...I don't think this is what you meant, is it?

Have you ever been to a slaughter house?

OMG no..... I could not... I am so sensitive to violence I am afraid what it would do to me psychologically. Not to worry though, I have seen WAY too much already and I will be vegan for life.