Has anyone ever been freaked out by "sleep paralysis" what did you experience?

Answer It freaked me out also. Couldnt move, couldnt do a thing, couldnt even talk. Just freaking out in my head as I felt this weight on my chest as well, slowly crushing me.

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Has anyone ever had experiences with sleep paralysis?

I have them on a monthly basis, I did some researching and asked a university professor, and he said that there are many different causes. Stress being one, and depression being anotherHe also said... Read More »

Ever had sleep paralysis before?

oh gosh yes! It happens wen I sleep on my back it's like im aware im awake but maybe im dreaming? It's so scary because i cannot move or speak and sometimes I see evil things. I try not to sleep on... Read More »

Has anyone ever been woken from their sleep with a feeling they cant move?

You sound like you have the same thing as me and many others, sleep paralysis. Have a look at these.…… http://w... Read More »

Have you ever been traumatized by a baby PIB experience?

Not since he was a newborn, thank goodness. The last time he PIBed was a doozie too, I bath with him, so I was naked with him on my chest. He pooped all down my front side and it even got in my hai... Read More »