Has anyone else noticed this>>?

Answer A lot of people don't like motorbikes and i think motorist always have liked the Harley and people on Harley's tend to be alto more safer on there bikes.some people on sports bikes are idiots.

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Have you ever noticed........?

Most patients close their eyes. Some just kind of look around. A few, not many, look directly at me. I can tell if people are scared by their eyes or if I am on a sensitive spot. Now that I thi... Read More »

How do you use noticed?

I noticed you were wearing a green tank top today

Have you ever noticed this?

Oh yes Olivia, I am so sick and tired of people without tattoos or people that do not like tattoos and do not intend to get any tattoos, that feel compelled to provide advice to those of us that ar... Read More »

How to Not Be Noticed?

Have you ever just wanted to disappear completely? This article can teach you how to not be noticed when you don't want to.