Has anyone else had trouble accessing the last 2 days?

Answer Nope, can't say that I have. Although if you are having issues try clearing your cache as well as your cookies. Both of which can be found in your internet settings of the browser you are using.

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Arrggg!!! is anyone else having trouble accessing, right now!!!?

I give you my personal guarantee that we have not been shut down. Just have some patience guys while we sort some things out, and we'll be back asap

Can i get in trouble for taken tramadol today an i have to report two days from now....ive never taken one but?

No you'll be fine - 2 days is plenty of time

I got a stiff jaw, a few days ago I had trouble hearing, whats wrongggggg!?

Sounds like an ear infection. That can cause ear blockage, pain, trouble with the jaw, etc. If the symptoms are severe, or if you get a fever or other general symptoms, you'll probably have to see ... Read More »

You missed your period by 6 days the only other symptoms you have is slight cramping on and off for a week heartburn and moodiness and a little trouble sleeping could you b pg or am i about to start?