Has anyone else gotten a friend request from jessica novik on facebook?

Answer There's a chain letter going around about how if you get a request from Jessica Novik (and one other person that I know of) you're not supposed to accept it because you'll get a virus. This is not ... Read More »

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How to get unband from sending friend request on Facebook?

You cant because you've added people that dont know you so theve told fb that. You have to wait 30 days, i know it sucks because it happened to me a month ago.

Have you ever had a random friend request from someone on facebook?

Yeah, it happened once and I was all like "WTF is this stranger?" Then I remembered that we hooked up at a partay and I already knew him in the biblical sense, so I figured I might as well know hi... Read More »

How do you unsend a Facebook Friend Request?

you mean undoing a friend request? Easy =)block the person and then unblock them.(By blocking a person, it deletes all connections you have with them, which would ultimately reverse the friend req... Read More »

Did my friend request send on facebook?

If "Add friend" shows when you visit his/her profile, then you didn't send a friend request.