Has anyone else been plagued with that popup side-bar thing?

Answer omgz pick me give me BA i gave you 4 starz omgz!!!

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I've been plagued with debilitating migraines. Can anyone recommend a doctor who specializes in trephination?

I know what you mean; if I could find a good doctor who did trepanning, I could let out the evil spirits that have been giving me migraines for years. Until then, I quiet them with massive amounts... Read More »

Has anyone else had bad side effects with the m366 pill is it a Norco or regular hydrocodone?

The ONLY difference in Norco and lortab, hydrocodone, whatever you what to call it is the amount of tylenol. You may be having a bad reaction just to hydrocodone,,, that happens a lot. If you d... Read More »

Anyone else with a bad ankle that repeatedly sprains?

I can totally understand your story!I had the surgery you're doctor was talking about in 1998. Mine was so bad they took out my damaged ligaments and replaced them with cadaver ligaments (yes, dead... Read More »

Does anyone remember the locomotives that had the headlights that swept from side to side?

They were called a Mars light. Also an oscillating headlight.There was also a light that bounced all over the place called a Gyralite( i think that's how it was spelled,it's been a few years lol). ... Read More »