Has anyone else been plagued with that popup side-bar thing?

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I've been plagued with debilitating migraines. Can anyone recommend a doctor who specializes in trephination?

I know what you mean; if I could find a good doctor who did trepanning, I could let out the evil spirits that have been giving me migraines for years. Until then, I quiet them with massive amounts... Read More »

How to edit side thing on Wikipedia?

The thing you are refering to is an infobox. Just edit the main article. The first thing you will see is the code for the infobox; it will look something like this:{{infobox person|name = this pers... Read More »

How to get rid of google thing on the right side of my computer?

Google Desktop? I thought they killed that project! Well, you should just uninstall it in Control Panel or look for an X button.

Is there such thing as a device that has a flash drive on one side and a sd card on the other?

just found this, take a look…