Has anyone else been getting these messages?

Answer I haven't and it doesn't sound very professional. I would think Yahoo would word that different. Doesn't make sense. Check out the email address it's coming from.

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How do you get rid of ESPN on my dam cell phone I keep getting messages every few minutes im sick of these messages please help me to find a way to stop them on my cell phone?

Myspace: Does any one else keep getting messages from deleted profiles?

Yes, this is when you get a SPAM but by the time you go to check it, the SPAM account has already been deleted. It is usually porn type stuff.

Is anyone else on AT&T's text messages not sending in 2010...?

not working in NY either. and yes, verizon is working. i cant wait for that commercial.

Does anyone else get these annoying calls?

if you have the time, you can play with these people. They get paid for making a sale... no sale, no pay, the longer you keep them on the phone, the less they make. They will soon catch on not to c... Read More »