Has anyone eaten something that should never be eaten?

Answer I had frogs legs once. hmmmm.. to be honest they were kinda oily and tough. Wouldn't have them again. Hey don't you think its strange how everything weird tastes like chicken LOLedit: Just th... Read More »

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What have you eaten, that you would never eat again?

Years ago, I ate black pudding, believing it to be meat of some kind.................... I discovered it's made from pig's blood and fat. Filth.

Is there any food that you have never eaten but would love to try?

A really good Petrussian caviar. I have had geoduck (live in LA), octopus, truffles both black and white from Italian market, durian (married to Indian doctor), crawfish in New Orleans and currentl... Read More »

· Have you ever eaten something that you thought you wouldn't like, but found out that you actually liked it?

Curry and sushi (vegan)... which i LOVE now =D

What causes that almost painful tingling sensation in jaws when something sour is eaten?

When your taste-buds detect a sour taste, your salivary glands (located near to the jaw joints) react by producing much more saliva than is usual.This feels mildly painful because the extra saliva ... Read More »