Has anyone eaten Israeli couscous If so, is it tasty?

Answer I have never ate that. Is it pretty good?

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Have you eaten worms If so, are they tasty !?

Yes, not bad. Sort of like sashimi. I had to eat them to survive in the wilderness for a few days.

Has anyone eaten something that should never be eaten?

I had frogs legs once. hmmmm.. to be honest they were kinda oily and tough. Wouldn't have them again. Hey don't you think its strange how everything weird tastes like chicken LOLedit: Just th... Read More »

Has anyone got any tasty tofu recipes please?

I like to make tofu-katsu... the tofu version of the Japanese Tonkatsu (usually make with pork).First you drain some firm (preferably fresh) tofu, cut it into cubes and then roll in flour. Then rol... Read More »

Has anyone eaten at Applesbee?

The food isn't the greatest, i wouldn't say that it's bad though. The prices are pretty good so i guess it's decent for what you pay.