Has anyone but me ever wondered why there isn't a channel 1?

Answer This answer assumes you are in the US.There used to be a TV channel one, but it was negotiated away to cure interference problems. The space was given to Land Mobile Radio (2-way stuff).Edit: Her... Read More »

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Has anyone here ever wondered why...there seems to be?

The rainbows have faded and the unicorns went to the glue factory. And, of course, they would rather not admit that they're not shocked about what went on behind the scenes.ETA: Things that do no... Read More »

Isnt there anyone who is getting sick of using facebook?

Yes, i'm getting a bit bored of it. A girl I know was just in hospital having her hand operated on and she's posted pictures of the blood and the whole process! It's just ridiculous. Some people ne... Read More »

Have you ever wondered...?

all the time.i even wonder if theres someone on the other side of the world is exactly like know...if youre one in a million, that means there are at least a thousand of you in china...=P

Have u ever wondered.....?

Your our skin contains melanoin but your hair doesn't so it can absorb the uv raysIt is almost physically impossibe to touch your eyes and not open your mouth because of your reflexs. When you ope... Read More »