Has anyone broken an arm AND leg at the same time?

Answer One guy. His name was Joe.

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Hello, does anyone know a Messenger who chats with MSN, Yahoo Google & Skype at the same time?

download the software TRILLIAN and you can chat in all of them at the same time. you can get trillian in its free to

Do programs listed on Directv reflect the same program at the same time on Comcast?

They should be the same, but the times differ per time zone.

Does the moon rise every night at the same time&in the same location in the sky?

No, the moon rises at a different time each day and is in a different place in the sky due to the rotation of the earth and the revolution around the sun. The time the moon becomes visible is known... Read More »

What are nine babies born to the same mother at the same time called?