Has anyone besides myself got an e-mail from

Answer Yeah actually I was just searching this site for other people who've gotten "tagged" too. I got a request from "BilleRuth Coogan", someone I've never heard of, to join their network. It came to m... Read More »

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Does anyone besides myself thinks that Paris Hilton is a SKANK!!!?

I do, she's also a waste of space who should not be in the news or on our tv screens.

Anyone who has given up sugar from their has it benefited you (besides weight loss)?

I experienced dramatic benefits from ditching processed foods ........ most of which generally contain some description of processed sugar "to prolong shelf life" ... lol ............ the color cam... Read More »

Besides going to see a doctor, does anyone know how I would go about removing a wood splinter from my finger?

not really much you can do at this point besides seek medical attention-your body would have already removed it by itself. do NOT try to "fish or dig" it out on your own-you could push the splinter... Read More »

How to Forward Mail From Yahoo Mail Without Upgrading to Mail Plus?

If you prefer to read your incoming Yahoo! email messages using a different email account, such as the email box provided by your Internet service provider or your employer, you will need to forwar... Read More »