Has anyone HERE ever done the Liver Cleanse & Does it really work?

Answer I did the liver cleanse 5 times in 4 years. I have a very "lazy" gallbladder. I used to have migraines every other day, or one week in a row, tinnitus, and not to mention I was scheduled for surge... Read More »

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Has anyone here ever done the ferry trip on Geike Gorge, near Fitzroy Crossing, WA?

Yes. I worked for three years in Fitzroy Crossing. The ferrytrip, run by the local rangers, was a bit boring. I used to goup the gorge on the police boat. The police had a 20ftQuintrex with a 20hp ... Read More »

Does Colon Cleanse MD really work?

On One Hand: Colon Cleanse MD ClaimsColon Cleanse MD claims to use vegetarian capsules to promote natural cleansing of the body according to the Colon Cleansing Organization. It also states the com... Read More »

Does ion cleanse really work: fact, fiction or myth?

On One Hand: Reported BenefitsThe Ion Cleanse foot bath devices are supposed to help detoxify your body by removing toxins through the skin. A special device that emits a small electrical current ... Read More »

Does anyone here work for Friendly's?

OH MY GOSH!!!! I was born & raised in Columbus, Oh. However, my mom's from Springfield, MA & as a child I used to go the Friendly's on I believe it was State Boston Road. I used to love their sunda... Read More »