Has anybody ever heard of a scary story about a girl and wikipedia?

Answer Wikipedia is not a crystal ball or something.

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Has anybody ever heard of Keenox dv camera 1303?

im pretty sure... okay positive -- that its french but i'll have to look into it a bit, and you need to be more specific about what you really want me to say...++ i also found this on some french w... Read More »

Does anyone have a recipe for flied lice Ever heard of it Anybody ?

Ahhh yes,as a matter o fact I do!...ok,fust you boil the lice `till armost tender,then you mix in avegetabres,lice and stir fly for toooo minutes! Add soy sos and enojoy!!

Has anyone ever played/heard of the Wikipedia game?

I yet do not know games that come integrated from Wikipedia, it wants to say, I have not seen an application of this service web. Nevertheless, I would like to handle the new video games online tha... Read More »

What is the most annoying song you ever heard What about the Worse song you ever heard?

That one song Feel Good Inc. by the Gorillaz annoys the crap out of me....i change the station when it comes on the radio.I'm also SICK of Daughtry...they play the same song over & over again!