Has anybody else had this happened when they first started out as a vegetarian?

Answer Just have a little Deer jerky once a week and you're be find. :)((Kooties))

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Snorted coke. started sweating and got really hot. what happened?

Can you be pregnant if you started spotting before your period and this never happened before and when it does it only last 1 and a half day?

Answer That can be a sign of pregnancy, but it can also be just spotting. Take a home pregnancy test or go see a doctor for a blood test.

Ever since I started eating vegetarian, I feel like my diet has become very unhealthy. Any tips?

Make sure you are getting a variety of fruits, veggies, grains, legumes, shrooms, seeds, nuts, etc. That's the most important thingYou might be able to find some good info here:http://www.veganoutr... Read More »

Just started vegetarian lifestyle on Mon, but am STARVING! I'm this close to buying a burger. What's filling?

First, if you're hungry you need to eat some fiber! Yuppers, add some oatmeal, barely, brown rice, whole wheat tortilla's or pasta, or cous cous and you will feel all full in a jiffy! If you're hun... Read More »