Has anybody been to Vargos?

Answer yes and loved itthey might be jammed packed for v-day so find out ahead of time if reservations are requiredi'm sure you will enjoy it

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Has anybody been on youtube?

Has anybody been burned internally by an mri scan?

As an operator of both an MRI and CT scanner i can clear some of this up for you. Before entering the scanner, a radiographer will go through a safety questionnaire to ensure there is no risk of an... Read More »

Has anybody been induced Whats it like?

bit like having a rabid rabbit going wont know if your coming or edit don't worry i told you the day time weather and weights.

Have anybody been to Applebees before Is it good or is it bad?

It is a good resturant I've been there a few times. the food is good I don't know if they all do this , but the ones in my areahave 1/2 price appetizers after 10pm.