Has anybody been scammed by ANJEENI psychic healer?

Answer There is nothing you can do.Even if you found her she could claim she already did what she promised. And she didn't steal the money because you gave it to her.My advice, think about things a littl... Read More »

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What to do if you've been scammed?

Call your bank and find out who deducted the money from your checking account. There has to be a name, address and phone attached to actual transaction.Why do I know this? Scammed myself of cours... Read More »

I've been scammed what to do?

try a different company, report the company to trading standers, sticking an aerial with tape is bad, and paying a fee of forty pounds is daylight robbery.

Anyone else been scammed by

It is unlikely you will get anything back. These companies are often in countries where there is no law to protect you, or so much corruption nobody takes action. More important I would advise you ... Read More »

Is Facebook down for maintenance or have i been scammed?

Chill, mine is down as too. I would ignore the post above me and sit it out. Hopefully Facebook will get our accounts back up and running.