Has anybody been on youtube?

Answer nope

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Why have my youtube views/monetised clicks not yet been calculated if I am a youtube partner?

what makes you so sure you have earned money?People have to click on the ad, not just watch the video for you to get paid, even then you get paid very little, but it does add up.

Has anybody been to Vargos?

yes and loved itthey might be jammed packed for v-day so find out ahead of time if reservations are requiredi'm sure you will enjoy it

Will anybody help me for YouTube?

Monitize ? you want to say on your video u want to use google adsense.If u will get 100+ hit in a day on your video and yeah that video if have no content piracy then u will get Welcome email from ... Read More »

Is youtube down for anybody right now?

Yep, it's down for me too.You're not alone.