Has anybody been burned internally by an mri scan?

Answer As an operator of both an MRI and CT scanner i can clear some of this up for you. Before entering the scanner, a radiographer will go through a safety questionnaire to ensure there is no risk of an... Read More »

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Have you ever been burned?

well yes many times my friend,will i ever learn,we never do,lol,

Anybody have any fun QR Codes that I can scan? is one I made myself!

I am having an MRI scan on my back,has anybody else had one,what is it like?

Yes I had one done, it lasts about 20mins you are inside like what I would decribe a long box, you have to be really still, it is quite noisy, but it is really worth it, not scary at all good luck

Has anybody been to Vargos?

yes and loved itthey might be jammed packed for v-day so find out ahead of time if reservations are requiredi'm sure you will enjoy it