Has any1 ever tried...?

Answer yes their snailsno I do not like them.Let them clean the fish tang

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My pc's got infected by a trojan.i ve tried to debug with's still here, can any1 help out plz?

take your cpu to a computer service place ASAP, it will cost you but it's worth it. I had trojan a few weeks ago, it's VICIOUS! don't use the internet until it's fixed.

My lexmark printer wont talk to my windows vista computer,i've tried everything any1 know why?

Hi go to the main site in this case lexmark then go to downloads, look for drivers, find the ones for your printer and vista. When you download the drivers send and save them to your desk top (I Ma... Read More »

Does this ever happen to any1?

What you are describing is a migraine. The blurry vision and neuralgia (pins and needles) are common prodromal symptoms.Prodrome is the name for the symptoms that precede a migraine.See a doctor f... Read More »

Any1 ever heard of google earth?

its awesome.…oh wait........didnt read the Q properly......nvm!i gueeessss ill just be taking the 2 points!