Has any other girls experiences nocternal orgasm?

Answer Yes. This is pretty normal for girls and women. It's just the same is how boys and men have wet dreams ;)

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How are some girls able to squirt when they have an orgasm?

its a nerve that release it which makes a female squirt....aka the G-Spot

Is it true that the female orgasm is centred around pleasure , but the male orgasm is actually based on pain?

I watched Horizon years ago and it said that the male orgasm was based on pain but it was so concentrated that it came out as pleasure

Why do girls get mad when their boyfriend looks at other girls?

a lot of girls are insacure about themselves already and when guys look at other girls it automatically sends a trigger like what does she have that i don't... my theroy is a guy can look all day b... Read More »

Do girls always feel competitive around other girls?

Well, Unfortunately alot of girls/women today are insecure about themselves in one way or another. Its just the society we live in. We want to be viewed by others as - "just as pretty" or "just as ... Read More »