Has a veggie have a higher I.Q. than a normal person?

Answer I did see a news story recently that suggested that they do!!I think it is probably right because fundamentally, people who become vegetarian will have given a lot of thought to their decision, whi... Read More »

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Is it normal for a multiple generator system to have a higher much higher load on one generator?

Is it normal for one eye brow to be smaller and higher then the other one?

Actually, your eyebrows aren't suppose to look the same like twins. They're supposed to look like sisters. Credits to Michelle Phan!:D

5 inches for a 14 year old penis is on the higher end of normal right?

Boys during puberty all grow at different rates and at different times. Because of this, it is impossible to pin point any real "averages". We do have a pretty good idea of what is flat out abnorma... Read More »

Is the proportion of gays on wikipedia higher than in normal society?…1,137 Wikipedians openly identify themselves as LGBT.Edit:There is a list of gay people…You can count the number... Read More »