How old is the oldest person who has ever been carded while purchasing alcohol?

Answer I carded a man once, and he turned out to be 57. The company told us to do 100% I.D. check, and that is what I did. I thought the man was gonna have a heart attack. After he got over the shock of b... Read More »

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Have you ever been told you look like a famous person And if so who?

When i was younger used to get told i looked like Rudy from the Cosby Show.. but now i dont get compared to many peopleAh did get compared to Missy Elliot though...i dont see it though!!!

Has there ever been a person that never slept all his/her life?

Nope, not possible. Rest is absolutely vital for your body, and wouldn't be able to function without it.

Is Kerry Katona the most pointless person to have ever been born on this planet?

" The only thing than being talked about is not being talked about." She knows this, and every second week she is on the front cover of Heat or whatever.The image that will stick in my mind is her ... Read More »

How can you tell if a person is retarded?

if you say Lindsey lohan and they don't say "rehab"! they act and they do stupid crapyou know when someoe is retarded when they cant rub their tummy and pat their head at the same time.