Has a condominium ever been partitioned?

Answer When you remodel your condominium, it's generally a good idea to review your plans with the board, to verify that you are within your rights to remodel, and that your plans will not compromise any ... Read More »

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How to Delete a Windows XP Partitioned OS?

You can delete a Windows XP partitioned OS in two different ways, depending on if you are running a dual-boot system, which is two operating systems, or just a Windows XP system. In a dual-boot sy... Read More »

How to Use a Multiple Partitioned External Hard Disk on PS3?

PlayStation 3 (PS3) reads universal serial bus (USB) connections, which includes using USB external hard drives. However, the PS3 does not read the hard drive unless it is in FAT32 format. Once par... Read More »

How many GB should be allocated to Windows XP operating system in a partitioned drive?

The Windows XP operating system requires at least 1.5 GB of space on a partitioned hard drive for both the Home and Professional versions. Windows XP also requires at least 64 MB of RAM and a 233 m... Read More »

What are the consiquences of a Condominium Association putting a lien on your condominium home in Ohio?

If Ohio is like most other states, the recorded lien effectively clouds your title, so when you attempt to sell the unit, the lien shows up in the title search. As owner, the lien may also appear o... Read More »