Has Youtube gone too far?

Answer I totally agree- it's breeding a new kind of bullying that we have never seen before. They should be sued.

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Asathecomic gone from youtube?

omg i barely found out bout this yesterday!i am soo mad asathecomic was sooo funny and all he did on his vodeos was say wat he felt on sum topics.... PS: asa's wife made a youtube chanel too u shu... Read More »

Youtube "sort by" for results is gone (relevance, view count, etc)?

The feature is still there; YouTube only removed the links to it.For view count: set the search_sort parameter to "video_view_count"example:…For most rece... Read More »

Is that Gap ad gone on your looks gone on mine...?

I posted in the forums, and there was another person that posted, he had 135 remarks, what it looks like happened is yahoo doesn't allow audio ads, so they basically apologized and said it would be... Read More »

Can I apply my Youtube channel to IGN for a partnership if my Youtube account is combined with Adwords?