Has YouTube been acting weird for anyone lately?

Answer Its the government. Obama doesn't want anyone bashing his Not-good-enough-to-use-himself health care system.

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Is youtube acting weird right for anyone else?

What's been wrong with Youtube lately?

I did some big-time Googling, searching, reading aboutabout this issue a while ago. This is what I was able tofind out:That 500 Internal Server Error is a general HTTP status code -- "general" mean... Read More »

My teenage daughter is acting very strange lately?

Toast(especially the Tectonic version made in France) is the new crack more addictive then meth and heroin put together, once you take a taste of her there is no going back you're hooked

I have been a type1 diabetic for 6 years now and lately i haven't been taking care of myself I stopped caring?

I was where you are about 15 years ago, I felt very defeated and that I just couldn't get my numbers right so why bother? Then I read something that kicked me into gear, perhaps it will help you, ... Read More »