Has Wikipedia shot down?

Answer It was working a few minutes ago - try it again.For all those who think Wikipedia is crap - in my opinion it's one of the most trusted sites online. Any misinformation on it will only last a short ... Read More »

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How to Hit a Knock Down Shot in Golf?

Golf is a challenging sport to say the least on a perfect sunny day, well unless you live in a place like Southern California. So for the other 95 percent of the golfers out there, you need learn t... Read More »

Was the fourth plane shot down by the us military?

Stess......Not knowing what will happen tommorowBut at the same time pride, knowing they are doing something valuable for this country, not gossiping about in on twitter or myspace or any of that

Is wikipedia down for you?

servers overheated in like germany and their failsafe is brokenthis website is overloaded with people trying to get the news…

Wikipedia is down Wtf ?

It's not working properly in the UK atm and it hasn't for the last 5 hours ish. I can't find out why - not even the server log ( is working which... Read More »