Has Wikipedia been hacked?

Answer There has been no change in the article you link to since August 20, 2008. It loads OK and has nothing unusual in it that I can see. Perhaps you could point out any error or problem...As they say, ... Read More »

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Many gmail accounts have been hacked says Google. Do you think gmail’s security has been compromised?

Google should implement best possible security for Gmail accounts. Google's all product whether Adwords (95% revenue generator for Google), Adsense, YouTube, and others, also latest Google Wallet s... Read More »

Someone hacked Wikipedia !!?

anyone can change anything in wikipedia, if you know how to program in html

Has my email been hacked or not?

I can not confirm nor deny that these are spams. If they are from the actual Playstation website, then chance are that these are actual receipts from someone else's transitions. If you have an emai... Read More »

Help, my PC has been hacked!?

Sounds like you have a malware (harmful software) installed on your PC. Reboot the computer into Safe Mode. Turn it on and immediately begin press the F8 key until you get the screen with the Saf... Read More »