Has US policy actually spread terrorism rather than contain it?

Answer Many people who have seriously studied the situation would say, 'YES'. There are many factors involved. First, the US is the world's largest supplier of armament - e.g. , guns, rockets, tanks, expl... Read More »

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Has US policy spread terrorism than contain it?

US foreign policy has actually spread terrorism, because we actually supplied forces in the Middle East with weapons to fight off Russia. Now the Taliban is getting a hold of those weapons and are ... Read More »

What is the UN's policy on terrorism?

There are many crises going on across the Middle East at this point in history and giving the American governmental position on all of them would be time consuming. However, given the timing of th... Read More »

How has terrorism affected US foreign policy?

How did terrorism affect us foreign policy?

George Washington's Foreign Policy: Although United States had established peace from Great Britain from The Treaty of Paris of 1783 it was still unstable. Washington worked towards gaining the Uni... Read More »