Has anyone ever killed someone while having a heat stroke?

Answer Hi NickI wouldn't think one that is suffering from a heat stroke would intentionally kill another human. I personally think the person would be too disorientated to be able to accomplish murdering ... Read More »

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We are short on cash this year so we told the kids the terrorists killed Santa?

Tell them that the other kids parents are terrorists and enemies of America, and you and your family are true patriots.I really applaud your creativity with this approach

Have you ever been almost killed by a doctor?

Most of my health issues were caused by the medical industry.

Have you ever been murdered or killed in any terrible way When?

Can someone please tell me why Wikipedia describes Santa Claus as 'mythical'?

They shouldn't ... 8 year olds are old enough to get on the internet and read.The people here who are saying Santa isn't real should be ashamed of themselves!