Has Pueblo Rolling Tobacco any tar?

Answer All tobacco (and smokable plant matter, for the record) generates some amount of "tar" as a by-product of combustion. Your current consumption of tobacco is not particularly "bad" for you, but any... Read More »

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Is rolling tobacco less bad for you than cigarettes?

how stupid are u? thats like saying if i drink a bottle a vodka every other night i wont become a p1ss head

Do regular tobacco stores sell zig zag rolling machines and papers or do I have to find a roll your own store?

You should be able to find the papers in most stores.

Ancient Pueblo Pottery?

Pottery made by Pueblo cultures in the Southwestern United States dates back 2,000 years, and it is made today in the same way it always has been. Potters roll clay into coils, shape it by hand to ... Read More »

How did the Pueblo people hunt deer?

Although their diet was primarily based on corn, members of the Pueblo tribe sometimes hunted deer to supplement their diet.WeaponsWhereas many Native American tribes used bows and arrows to hunt d... Read More »