Is lil wayne really dead... has he really been shot?

Answer mhm... he was captured in Honolulu and placed in a concentration camp... They call it the black Nazi camp... yup... thats what happened... I was there looking from the barbed wire... and omg! He wa... Read More »

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Has Lil Wayne been on oprahs talk show?

Her Uncle, her cousin, and a Family Friend. They all watched after her while her mom was at work. They gave her ice cream and told her not to tell.

Has the sentence theres been a murder ever been said on taggart?

What ever happened to Wayne Francis who was on Reading Rainbow?

He's a preacher for the United Pentecostal Church. See

Why did John Wayne once say that High Noon was the "Most Americana Thing I've ever seen"?

I'm not sure I fully agree with exceeding answer. She says the motive for John Wayne said that is because he is as a patriotic American as there can be....but I don't see the specimens Wayne gives ... Read More »