Has Google past away?

Answer Its happening to everyone, just type what ever you want in your address bar or use another browser. I think google might've been hacked or else it must be going under an update!Its fixed now.

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How to Clear Past Google Searches?

Clearing your Google search history will allow your computer to run faster. It is really simple and you can also choose to clear other areas of your browsers history at the same time. When your bro... Read More »

How do you delete past searches that are on google?

delete browsing history. on explorer this will be found in the tools tab and in firefox on the history tab.

How can you make your past questions on google not show up?…

Have you ever been onto Google Earth to look up an important place in your past, only to find it redeveloped?

The houses in which I grew up, are now open fields.So much for preservation orders.