Has Google impacted your life in any way?

Answer yes, I no longer use goggles to search

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How to Remove Impacted Ear Wax?

People with impacted ears complain of dizziness, feeling that their ears are "full," hearing loss and irritability. Remember that while impacted ears need medical attention, some earwax is normal. ... Read More »

How has the cia impacted America?

Have to be a US Citizen and if you have a spouse, they must be a citizen of the US also.

Have you been impacted by swine flu?

yes. there were quite a few cases at my school last month and they had to close it for a week, hoping to contain it, but that didnt really help as more people got it anyway. it was weird cos the we... Read More »

Does this mean my wisdom teeth are impacted?

You will NOT die. Wisdom teeth hurt even if they're not impacted. Your dentist can't do anything but give you an xray and then wait for them to either come through themselves or remove them under a... Read More »