Has Bethea Jenner been prosecuted for illegal account withdrawal yet?

Answer There's a sucker born every minute....P.T. BarnumA fool and his money are soon parted....Ben Franklin

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How do I make a withdrawal from a checking account?

ATM WithdrawalGo to an ATM if you have a bank card or checking card. These types of cards are usually mailed to you a few days after an account has been established with a bank. Input your PIN, cho... Read More »

403B Account Early Withdrawal Penalties?

Employers that are educational institutions and some nonprofit organizations offer employees a 403b plan as a retirement savings account. For tax purposes, the 403b is similar to the 401k. Contribu... Read More »

What Are the Conditions Under Which a Withdrawal Can Be Made From a 457 Retirement Account?

A 457 retirement plan is a deferred compensation plan available only to state and municipal workers and employees of certain tax exempt organizations. These plans are very similar to 401k plans in ... Read More »

How do I stop an automatic checking account withdrawal?

Write a letter to the company that is making the automatic withdrawals from your checking account. Inform it that you no want no further debits to your account. Sign and date the letter. Make a cop... Read More »