Harmful Effects of Diatomaceous Earth?

Answer Diatomaceous earth, a fine powder composed of the broken shells of single-celled, fossilized aquatic plants called diatoms, acts as a natural insecticide. While research into its efficacy is sketch... Read More »

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Is Diatomaceous Earth Harmful?

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring product that can be processed into several different forms for human use. Used properly, it can safely be used as a pesticide, health promoter and pool f... Read More »

Where does diatomaceous earth come from?

Diatomaceous earth comes from the fossils of diatoms, very small aquatic plants. Over millions of years, dead diatoms built up into sedimentary deposits, called diatomite. Diatomaceous earth is min... Read More »

What is diatomaceous earth used for?

Diatomaceous earth is used to kill bugs without toxic chemicals. Farmers use it to keep stored grain pest-free, and some even use it to kill internal parasites in livestock. It is only harmful to c... Read More »

Uses of Diatomaceous Earth for Chiggers?

Chiggers live primarily outdoors, but they can migrate indoors as well. Wherever they are, they're incredibly irritating to humans due to their itch-inducing bites. They hang out in sensitive areas... Read More »