Harley Twin Cam Intake Bolt Torque Specifications?

Answer Doing your own maintenance and repair on your motorcycle can be rewarding and save you money. However, you must take the time to do the job correctly. While some fasteners may not require such prec... Read More »

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Intake Bolt Torque Specifications?

An intake manifold connects the cylinder head to the carburetor or fuel-injection system with long tunnels. It must bind correctly with the cylinder head or the fuel/air mixture will leak out and ... Read More »

How-To: Torque Head Bolts on a Harley Evo Big Twin?

Each of the four head bolts on both cylinders of the Harley Evo Big Twin need to be tightened progressively, in four stages, to a final torque level of 42 foot-pounds. You use torque wrenches to en... Read More »

What are the ARP Bolt Torque Specifications?

ARP bolts and studs are a brand of aftermarket screws used to fasten and secure different parts of an engine. Car manufacturers sometimes use them when building the engine. Most often, though, car ... Read More »

Specifications of a Bolt Torque?

A bolt is a type of screw used as a fastener on vehicles. Bolts are the main fasteners used on the engines of vehicles. Apply a certain amount of torque to each bolt to secure the engine in its pla... Read More »