Harley Recommended Oil Weights?

Answer Harley-Davidson motorcycle engines are air-cooled, which sets them apart from many water-cooled engines. Air-cooled engines run warm and therefore require a higher viscosity (thicker) motor oil. Ha... Read More »

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If i'm a nerd with a skin disease and I owned a Harley could I still hang out and ride with Harley Riders?

You are welcome to ride with us. On an average ride we have;- a computer repair tech- 3 or 4 olde retired pharts- two lesbians- one veterinarian- a couple of "poseurs"- one plumber that we nickname... Read More »

Why dont Harley Davidson riders wave back if you are not riding a Harley and wave to them?

I have many Harley riders wave at me while riding our Yamaha so I dont have a problem with it.

How to Lift Weights?

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How to Tie Fishing Weights?

Many fishermen incorporate weights, or fishing sinkers, into their fishing gear. Weights are commonly used to keep bait on a certain place on the fishing line. This is especially convenient for ind... Read More »