Harlem Hairstyles?

Answer Harlem hairstyles is a loose term that generally refers to hair styles of the 1920s. The hair styles were short and were most popular with the jazz singers in Harlem. The three main types of short ... Read More »

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Harlem Bus Tours?

Harlem is a popular destination for New York visitors who are often attracted by the history, cultural diversity and energy of this largely African-American neighborhood. Tours can be booked at hot... Read More »

Who is the founder of the Harlem Renaissance?

While there was no actual founder of the Harlem Renaissance movement of the early 20th century, many consider Alain Locke as one of the foremost leaders and the chief interpreter of the movement. L... Read More »

When was the harlem renaissance?

The Harlem Renaissance started in the 1920s, a time in U.S. history known as the Jazz Age. It continued into the mid-1930s. This cultural movement started in Harlem, New York, a community that was ... Read More »

Harlem Military Schools?

Military academies are ideal institutions for students to complete a rigorous academic program, while learning in a military-style environment. One military school exists in Harlem, New York, part ... Read More »